The Oil of Communication

Woo Hoo! The very first episode of Empower Your Oils! The first three episodes we will cover the three ways to use essential oils, as well as showcase one oil per episode. Today we are covering The Oil of Communication – LAVENDER!

Focus on the aromatic use of essential oils

• Direct inhalation

• Place a drop in your and, rubbing hands together and cupping your nose and inhaling or you can use a cloth or tissue with a drop of oil

• Diffuser

• Spray bottle

• Perfume or Cologne

• Jewelry with scent

• Vaporizer or Humidifier

Lavender is a powerful oil! Gina believes it to be the Sacred Mother of all Oils. We believe Lavender allows one to stand in their truth….which makes complete sense that it is the Oil of Communication!

Lavender’s aromatic features: Floral, Light, Powdery

Lavender’s benefits:

• Widely used for its calming and relaxing qualities*

• Soothes occasional skin irritations

• Eases feelings of muscle tension

• Opens communication and expression, emotional honesty, restorative

Find more information on Lavender Essential Oil here

Gina’s favorite use: Linen spray before bed….or making love.

Janet’s favorite use: I’m soooo hot spray — a cooling spray with lavender oil, peppermint oil and liquid aloe vera gel— cools you off after being in the sun or during an internal power surge (hot flash) and need to chill out.

Empower Lavender - Empower You!