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Sex, Oils, and Spicy Bliss Intro

episode 109 Letting Go and Calling In

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Today’s pod is about Sex Oils and Spicy Bliss

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This month we will also talk about:

Chakra: Heart

Your heart is located in the center of your chest. Your heart is the center of your whole being and is the most vulnerable place. When your heart energy flows fully and freely you radiate love around you and your whole being is full. It is also known as the 4th chakra and associated with the color green.

Your heart chakra creates matter. It enables you to focus, unite, simplify, to manifest something from nothing. We experience our own individuality in this chakra. As we journey upwards through our chakras, we raise our consciousness on our journey back to the source. The root chakra awakens our consciousness, bringing it into the body.

Recommended essential oils: Geranium (The Oil of Love and Trust), Lavender (The Oil of Communication), Melaleuca (The Oil of Energetic Boundaries), Jasmine (The Oil of Sexual Purity and Balance)

Chakra Stone: Amazonite

• alleviates worry and fear

• balances masculine and feminine energy

• dispels negative energy

Rune: Romance Rune Number: 5

Deep emotional connections, friendship, sex and romance are afoot. Diverse people are brought together in one union and so squabbling is natural. People who once had diverging views are now attempting reconciliation, but there may be spite or jaded attitudes all around. There is a raw, magnetic attraction that draws people together.

Recommended essential oils: Marjoram (The Oil of Connection, Melaleuca (The Oil of Energetic Boundaries), Geranium (T

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*** Source: Emotions and Essential Oils: A Modern Resource for Healing,

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