The Oil of Motion and Flow

episode 71 The Oil of Motion and Flow

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The empowerment of Cypress!

Cypress' benefits:

  • Promotes vitality and energy

  • Helps improve the appearance of oily skin

  • Creates energetic flow and emotional catharsis.***

  • Works in the heart and mind, creating flexibility.***

  • Shows how to have perfect trust in the flow of life.***

Cypress' uses:

  • Prior to a long run, apply to feet and legs for an energizing boost.

  • Apply two to three drops to chest before gardening to promote vitality and energy.

  • Diffuse with Lime essential oil for an invigorating scent.

  • Mix together Cypress and Grapefruit essential oil with doTERRA Fractionated Coconut Oil for an invigorating massage.

  • Add one to two drops to toner to help improve the appearance of oily skin.​

Aromatic Description

Clean, fresh, woody, herbaceous

Find more information on CYPRESS Essential Oil - click here.

Gina’s favorite use: It’s in my sexual healing blends.

Janet’s favorite use: It’s great to diffuse while creating -- helps to get in the flow! And ease perfectionist tendencies.

Say Goodbye

Say goodbye to feelings of controlling, fearful, perfectionistic, rigid, stuck, tense

Say Hello

Say hello to feeling flexible, trusting, flowing with life, adaptable


How To Get Your Hands On A Bottle Of Cypress Essential Oil

During the month of January, We are GIVING AWAY a FREE 15 ml bottle of dōTERRA Cypress Essential Oil to anyone who orders a Natural Solutions Kit and enrolls as a Wellness Advocate through me (Janet will be your enroller). BONUS: Anyone who orders a Natural Solutions Kit through me will also receive a welcome package from me including an essential oils reference book. Available to U.S. residents only.

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Libations of the day

GG's Kinky Bliss

X-Rated Fusion Liquor

Splash of Club Soda

1 drop dōTERRA Bergamot Essential Oil

Shake this one up with ice, strain into a pretty glass and let your kinky out!

GG's Kinky Bliss

Janet’s Creative Flow

Chocolate Vodka

1 drop dōTERRA Lime Essential Oil

Drop the Lime oil in the shot glass first, then top off with the vodka. Shoot it back or sip it nice and slow to allow your creative flow….

Janet’s Creative Flow