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The Oil of Community

The essential oil of Community

Today’s pod is all about the oil of Community

We are talking about the empowerment of dōTERRA Cedarwood essential oil.


Cedarwood's benefits:

  • Naturally repels insects

  • Promotes relaxation

  • Helps to keep skin looking healthy

  • Inspires the feeling of belonging and assists the heart in opening to receive the love and support of other people.***

  • Supports individuals in seeing that they are not alone; life is a shared experience.***​

Cedarwood's uses:

  • After a difficult day, diffuse to create a relaxing environment.

  • During your facial routine, add one to two drops to your facial toner or moisturizer to promote clear, healthy looking skin.

  • Place a few drops of Cedarwood on cotton balls and leave them in closets, storage boxes, or other areas to keep moths at bay.

  • Add it to mulch or topsoil to repel insects.

  • When a child wakes up scared, apply Cedarwood to the bottoms of the feet to return a peaceful feeling.

CAUTIONS: DO NOT INGEST. Possible skin sensitivity. Keep out of reach of children. If you are pregnant, nursing, or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas.

Aromatic Description

Herbaceous, camphoraceous

Oils that Blend Well with Cedarwood Oil

Cedarwood oil blends well with herbal oils like Clary Sage, woody oils like Cypress, and Frankincense.

Find more information on Cedarwood Essential Oil - click here.

Gina's favorite use: Diffusing during group work, goddess circles…..for grounding, support and feeling connected….usually with Frankie. I also often use is in magical sprays for the grounding element.

Janet's favorite use: Diffusing for Wine Club! (Book Club…… 😉) And it’s in my Love My Skin Face Polish.

Oil Fact Of The Day:

Plant Description There are many types of cedar trees, but all are coniferous, evergreen trees from the cypress family. Native to cold climates, cedarwood thrives in high altitudes, with the potential to grow nearly 100 feet tall. Juniperus virginiana, also known as red cedar, is a species of juniper that provides a very fragrant aroma—making it perfect for essential oil production.


How To Get Your Hands On A Bottle of Cedarwood Essential Oil Blend

During the month of August, We are giving away a 15ml bottle of dōTERRA CedarwoodEssential Oil to anyone who orders a Family Essentials Kit and signs up as a Wellness Advocate through me (Janet will be your enroller). BONUS: Anyone who orders a Family Essentials Kit through me will also receive a welcome package from me including an essential oils reference book. Available to U.S. residents only.

Ready to get started? Order your oils HERE.


Libations of the day

GG’s Circle of Shadow Cocktail


V8 or another form of bloody mary mix

Vodka (I like to use Pepper or Jalapeno!)

1 spoonful of horseradish (if you like it spicy)

One drop dōTERRA Dill Essential Oil

One drop dōTERRA Black Pepper Essential Oil

Dill Pickle Spear

Optional Garnishes: Lime, celery, bacon, sprig of dill, cucumbers, pickles, peppers of any form, olives

GG's Circle of Shadow Cocktail

Janet’s Wine Club Diffuser Blend!!!!

Add to the water in your diffuser.

4 drops dōTERRA Cedarwood Essential Oil

1 drop dōTERRA Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Pour a beautiful bottle of wine with friends and enjoy!!

Janet's Wine Club Diffuser Blend

Using oils with intention


(to identify support systems already available).





Book Club/Social Club

Community Service/Seva

Church/Spiritual Group

On-Line Community

Place one drop of dōTERRA Cedarwood in your left hand, activate it by rubbing your hands together and then raise your hands to your nose and inhale 3-5 times. Place your hands on your heart and breath another 3-5 times. Place your hands in your lap and breath another 3-5 times.

Take out your journal or a blank piece of paper. You are going to create a mind map of your community…..YOU are the trunk of the tree and each limb of the tree is one branch of your support system (this is groups of people…for example, yoga / book club / work peeps / besties….) Each person is a leaf or extension of each limb add people from that group. Note where people show up on multiple limbs…..Be creative! Scrap the tree idea if it isn’t resonating. One time I did this I did a connect the dots between people and realized just how my life weaves together so beautifully like a starfield!

Empower Cedarwood - Empower You

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

*** Source: Emotions and Essential Oils: A Modern Resource for Healing,

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