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The Oil of Vitality and Transition

The Oil of Vitality & Transition

Today’s pod is all about the oil of Vitality and Transition.

We are talking about the empowerment of dōTERRA Zendocrine Essential Oil.

Zendocrine’s benefits:

  • Supports the body’s natural ability to rid itself of unwanted substances*

  • Supports healthy liver, lung, kidney, colon, and skin function.*

  • Purifying and detoxifying to the body’s systems*

  • Zendocrine delivers powerful antioxidants.*

  • Assists in “detoxing” old habits and limiting beliefs***

  • Helpful during major life changes which require lifestyle adjustments***

  • Reawakens vital life energy***

Some of Zendocrine’s Blend Ingredients:

Tangerine Peel, Rosemary Leaf, Geranium Plant, Juniper Berry, Cilantro Herb essential oils.

Zendocrine’s uses:

Zendocrine Detoxification Blend

  • If a lifestyle change is one of your New Year’s resolutions, take one drop of Zendocrine daily for a week to kick-start your program.*

  • Take Zendocrine to support the body’s natural ability to rid itself of unwanted substances.*

  • Add one to two drops of Zendocrine to citrus drinks, tea, or water to support healthy liver function.*

  • Take one drop daily for one week as part of an internal cleansing regimen.* Zendocrine Softgels

  • Helps support healthy liver and gallbladder function.*

  • Provides purifying effects against unwanted substances in the body.*

  • All the benefits of Zendocrine in an easy-to consume softgel. Zendocrine’s Aromatic Description: Herbaceous, pungent, floral

Find more information on Zendocrine Essential Oil - click here.

Gina’s favorite use: Zen Honey!

Janet’s favorite use: My Zen Cooler Drink!

Libations of the day

GG’s Gin Zen (a/k/a Saucy Pears)


Club Soda

Pear Puree (healthy heart / low blood pressure)

Drizzle of dōTERRA Zendocrine Honey

Peel pne pear and puree it in a blender, or by hand. Stir pear puree and gin, add club soda, stir again and then drizzle the Zen Honey. Yumm!

Zen Honey: Take one heaping spoon of honey and mix it together with 1 drop of dōTERRA Zendocrin Essential Oil. (If you warm the honey up in the microwave for 10 seconds, it is nice and soft.)

Janet’s Zen Cooler

1/2 cup chopped cucumber (seeds removed)

2 drops dōTERRA Zendocrine essential oil

2 oz vodka

juice of one lime

Simple syrup

Cucumber seltzer water (from Trader Joe’s)


Add cucumber to a cocktail shaker along with Zendocrine. Muddle well, and then add vodka, the juice of one lime, simple syrup and ice almost to fill the shaker. Shake well for twenty seconds and then strain into a glass filled with ice. Fill glass with Cucumber seltzer water. Garnish with a wheel of cucumber. Would be yummy without the vodka as well.

Janet's Zen Cooler

Using oils with intention


We want you to experience Vitality.

We want you to be unrestricted, revitalized, clear and to embrace new experiences.

Apply one drop of dōTERRA Zendocrine essential oil on the inside of each elbow crease and shake.

This practice is to move your body and have FUN! Shake off any negative energy or mind chatter…..get wild. Get silly. Move. Shake. Enjoy. Shake or dance to your power song. If you do not have a power song…..FIND ONE!!

Use this powerful mantra before AND after (or feel free to scream it during your dance!):

I Excite.

I Enliven.

I Elevate.

And, I do it all with ease.

Empower Zendocrine - Empower You!

How To Get Your Hands On A Bottle Of Zendocrine Essential Oil

During the month of April, We are giving away a 15ml bottle of dōTERRA Zendocrine Essential Oil to anyone who orders a Family Essentials Kit and signs up as a Wellness Advocate through me (Janet will be your enroller). BONUS: Anyone who orders a Family Essentials Kit through me will also receive a welcome package from me including an essential oils reference book. Available to U.S. residents only.

Ready to get started? Order your oils HERE.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

*** Source: Emotions and Essential Oils: A Modern Resource for Healing,

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